The anomalies of the teeth can be corrected. In addition to their looks ugly, crooked teeth can also cause problems of mastication, facial expression, can also be affected, and the diseases they can carry, and the teeth are developing normally. The Important thing is that, at the time that we see any of these abnormalities, we set up a visit to a doctor's office orthodontist in order to receive a correct diagnosis and an appropriate treatment.

The role of the orthodontist's is to detect the anomalies of the tooth of time, and to have it corrected, so as to give the patient more confidence in themselves by means of healthy teeth.

An initial evaluation is recommended for children up to the age of 7 years, the situation when you do not have a previously appeared in other dental problems. In the period of childhood and adolescence, the jaws are growing and it's growing up, therefore it is easier to change the position of the tooth in this stage.

When to see an orthodontist

A few of the symptoms that indicate the need for an orthodontic consultation:

✅ Finger sucking
✅ The abnormal position of the teeth
✅ In the loss of early or late to the teeth
✅ The lack of contact or a contact all of your teeth
✅ Difficulties in the eye, or when you chew

In light of the current situation at the level of the maxillary teeth, the patient will wear an orthodontic appliance, whether fixed or mobile phone.

Bracesit is indicated to the right of the children for more than 7 years of age, depending on the abnormality is present, and the status of the tooth. The device can be of several types, from the classical model, the fixed brackeți metal, the fixed patterns of the invisible, and the models of mobile phones. The time of wearing braces will vary depending on the problem faced by the child.

At The Clinic, Dr. Nicolau, you'll have the opportunity to discover a team of doctors who specialize in the prevention of problems, dental care, major, diagnosis, or treatment. We'll help you to diagnose orthodontic problems, and together we will create a customized treatment plan and be adapted according to the age, and the degree to which the teeth is affected by it.

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