Dental veneers, eMax

The transformations have a beautiful smile

Dental veneers are small pieces of ceramic that are placed over a damaged tooth, misaligned or stained, in order to hide the cosmetic issues, and in order to create a whole new look.

Dental veneers are effective remedies from an aesthetic point of view, for my teeth are chipped where,, crack, cut, stained, distort, or even misaligned.

dental veneers, eMax is the leading innovation that will restore your natural look and beauty of your teeth.

Dental veneers, eMax

the procedure and the benefits to the

Made of pressed ceramic, veneers, eMAx they are known for the strength and integrity of the aesthetic appearance that they offer.

With a thick 03 – 05mmprocedure for the application of the concept eMAx involves the grinding surface of the tooth. In some cases, polishing, there is no need, in the enamel of the teeth remained intact.

The appearance of the natural teeth, high-resistance material and innovative machinery in which they are done, they'll bring a smile to your impeccable that you want to be. Veneers, eMax can also be made of ceramic, zirconia or composite material depending on the desired end result but also the budget.

A new smile in just 3 easy steps 🤩

Step, list the Polishing of the teeth of non-invasive methods, and only on the side of the pool
Step ❷ Fingerprints to the scanner to digital
Step ❸ the definitive establishment of the facets on the teeth

Our service is dedicated to excellence in cosmetic dentistry. For us, every client is a challenge. We're on a mission to provide you and keep you the perfect smile that you have been dreaming of.

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