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At the Dr. Nicolau Clinic, a team of professional doctors will offer you advanced dental treatments, personalized for each patient. We help you maintain or, as the case may be, regain your oral health and, with it, confidence in your own strength, personal and professional success. We don't know if 2 smiles are alike, but we know we can give you a perfect smile

implant dentar


By using the methods of the implants are advanced, teeth are absent, may be replaced with modern devices made of titanium, which looks and feels just as good as your natural teeth.

fatete dentare

The facets of the dental

Dental veneers are the modern and innovative dental solution that restores the natural and beautiful appearance of your teeth.



Periodontal treatment maintains and restores gum health, preventing long-term tooth loss and other dental interventions.



It involves treating the infected pulp of the tooth, caused by cracks or extensive decay, to prevent an abscess, pain or tooth loss.



Odontology is necessary in the event of the appearance of dental lesions, due to wear or caries, to repair the affected teeth.



Dental prosthetics are necessary both aesthetically and functionally in situations that affect dental integrity.



Through orthodontics, the position of the teeth can be corrected and straightened, in case of deviations from the normal position on the maxillary arches.



Prophylaxis procedures prevent the occurrence of caries and gum diseases, as well as their evolution, through methods of improving oral hygiene.

chirurgie dentara


Dental surgery is an important branch of dentistry that includes a series of interventions, from simple extractions to complex operations.

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