Dental surgery

tooth extraction

Dental surgery it is an important branch of dentistry, which includes a range of interventions, from the extraction of the simple to the complex operations of the alignment of the jaw.

The extraction of the tooth this is the most common oral surgery. Whether it's the teeth that cannot be saved, crowded teeth, something to remember what is causing the pain, an abscess on the gums or around the tooth, dental surgery and maxillo-facial surgery allows physicians to solve cases, as well as the tooth extractionsurgery periodontal disease, resection, apical, odontectomies, or cystectomy.

Surgery provided to in-Clinic Dr. Nicolau, whether simple or complex, they're done by a team of professionals, without the discomfort to the patient, accurate, and reliable.

In The Clinic, The Dr. Nicolau, you benefit from:

  • tooth extraction and the removal of wisdom teeth (odontectomia);
  • the extraction of the canines or molars were included;
  • gingivectomii and gingivoplastie;
  • remember, apical;
  • surgical treatment of the various diseases of the oral cavity: granulomas, cysts, papillomas, epulis, his teeth covered, debris, and root

Prior to the conduct of the surgery, oralit will take dental x-rays in order to assist in the diagnosis and treatment planning. The experience of the recovery will depend on the type of procedure performed, as well as to the general condition of the dental health.

We look forward to a look at her teeth in order to decide the best solution for you we are smiling together!

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