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Prevention is the best method for the treatment and prevention of dental caries and diseases of the periodontal. It is also the most important part of caring for the teeth, with the benefit of a medical nature and the aesthetic.

The prophylaxis consists of a set of procedures related to the dental hygiene daily, which is complemented by the professional dental hygiene, carried out at the dentist. This simple method of prevention to reduce the risk of gum disease, remove bad breath, or dental treatment.

Tooth decay, plaque, and teeth, damaged teeth, if they are not removed at an early stage.
In order to keep your smile healthy in the long term, the team of Dr. Nicolau recommend that you consult regularly by the specialist at least two times a year.

The team of our experts

Our dental practice offers a team of professionals with a wealth of experience in the medical, dental, and able to provide a wide range of services.

Dr Daniela Tarba
general dentistry and endodontics

dr. Irina Bodnar

Dr Irina Bodnar
general dentistry

dr. Monica Filipescu

Dr Monica Filipescu
specialist orthodontist

asistent Georgiana Iluca

I would. Georgian Iluca
general dentistry

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