In summary, the treatment of the root canal is designed to keep your natural teeth in the arch for as long as possible.

The treatment consists in the preparation of the root canal after the removal of the nerve. Simply put, the soft tissue inside the tooth, since it shows no signs of inflammation or infection. Subsequently, the canals will be cleaned, and cleaned, and then they must be sealed with a special material.


One of the most important benefits is the elimination of pain and other infections of the existing ones. As such, he is playing on the ability to eat without pain, but a joy to have an aesthetically pleasing appearance, after the restoration of the tooth.

What are the stages of the endodontic treatment

The treatment of the root canal includes a number of stages, and it is not necessary when a tooth cavity, teeth continue to evolve over time getting in your way to slow the enamel and the dentin, reaching the level of the pulp chamber. The patient has an infection of the pulp tissue, which causes a sore throat.

List the Preparation of the root canal

This step may be performed by the systems manual, rotary or a mix of the two. The whole of the endodontic treatment depends on the stage. Preparation it would be nice to be tapered to a smaller diameter at the tip of the root.

❷ The Removal of the nerve

It will be achieved by using different chemicals in the stage. Each substance has a role to play individually, for the disinfection of the root canal.

❸ Root canal

It will seal the root canal by using the paste and gutta-percha in the usual way, or, the modern, the core of the 3D.

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