Dental implants

The All-On-6 and All-On-4

Proceedings of the dental implants, All-On-6® / All-On-4 allows the patient the option to replace all of your teeth with a 6 or 4, the dental implants with the natural look and feel.

Dental implants: All-On-6® / All-On-4 is not generally require grafting of the bone, which means they're the perfect solution for the patients with the density or the volume of the bone fell into the jaw bone.

Over time, implants are placed into the jaw bone will fuse with the bone of your jaw, giving you a natural smile.

How does it work, dental implants

Proceedings of the dental implant All-On-6 create a fake permanent by the use of the six dental implants, and The All-On-4 just four implants. They act as the anchor for a bridge or supraproteză. The implants are placed in the the bone of the jaw the lower, or higher, in order to anchor the prosthetics of the teeth on an ongoing basis.

The "All on", it is not recommended for patients who wears it braces a classic, for those whose teeth are the indications for extraction, or in need of a complete restoration of the maxilla / mandible.

How long does the

The intervention lasts for about 2 to 3 hours and is performed using local anesthesia. The work of a fixed provisional, shall be attached to the 24 hours of insertion of the implantsfollowing that work, fixed-final, to be carried out after approximately 4 months. In this period of time allows dental implants to be integrated into the bone, and to complete the recovery process.


The All-on-4 – Prices starting at 12.500 lei
The All-on-6 – Prices starting at 15.000 lei


✅ Fast recovery
✅ You will enjoy the food and smile from the back
✅ Smile, white, pearl-finish
✅ You don't need to braces free-standing
✅ You will rejuvenate you instantly age
✅ You bite down and chew food, in the same way as the natural teeth
✅ The solution of life. Dental implants I'm usually not a permanent solution for your missing teeth.

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