Odontology includes a variety of surgeries, dental care, with a view to improving it and to cure various problems of the teeth. Simply put, odontology deals with the treatment of dental caries and dental pain.

How is it formed, along with tooth decay?

The cavities on the surface of the tooth is formed, in general, in the case of deficient oral hygiene, sweets, and especially not due to a lack of dental coverage. In some cases, the problems, the inside of the tooth can be the result of unknown genetic condition.

The procedures for the restoration of odontologică are: the root canals of physiology, metal, shell, and filling, indirect, crowns, and dental bridges.

The team of our experts

At the clinic, Dr. Nicolau, a team of doctors, specialists and can help with the treatment of odontologic full range of dental caries and dental pain. The treatment is carried out under local anesthesia, without any pain, using the materials and the latest technology.

Dr Daniela Tarba
general dentistry and endodontics

dr. Irina Bodnar

Dr Irina Bodnar
general dentistry

dr. Monica Filipescu

Dr Monica Filipescu
specialist orthodontist

asistent Georgiana Iluca

I would. Georgian Iluca
general dentistry

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